With limousine on the way in Munich

Limousine Tour in Munich

Beer Breweries

Drink one beer every night / Then you sleep like a baby

BMW World

BMW headquarters, factory, museum & new world

Car Factories: BMW, Audi, Porsche & Mercedes

One-hour tours, where you can see and understand a lot about the production of the German cars Mercedes & Porsche in the state of Badenwürtemberg / BMW & Audi in the state of Bavaria

Cigar Bars

What is more beautiful in life ? In one hand a cigar & in the other hand a Cognac

Concentration camp memorial Dachau

For this tour, you need between 2 hours in total

Conference Rooms

We organize your company, conference rooms up to 3000 people


Every year within 2 weeks, we expect 5 million visitors

For beer lovers, an experience & a must

The ancient Egyptians drank beer 5000 years ago

We in Bavaria keep this tradition alive until all eternity / What about you, are you there too


La Grande Bouffe

Steak, steak & another steak